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Amon: Monthly Mean Atmospheric Fields and Some Surface Fields
3hr: 2-D Atmospheric and Surface Fields Sampled Every 3 Hours
Omon: monthly mean ocean & atmos/ocean variables; 2D & 3D - Bio-geo
aero: monthly mean aerosol variables
Oclim: monthly mean ocean variables in Oclim table
fx: Time-Invariant fields on atm/ocean grids.
Lmon: monthly mean land fields
LImon: monthly mean land cryosphere fields
day: Daily Mean Atmospheric Fields and Some Surface Fields
OImon: monthly mean ocean cryosphere fields - sea ice
6hrLev: 6-hour model-level variables
6hrPlev: 6-hour pressure-level variables
3hrExtras: These variables are not being requested by PCMDI. But, yet we will be reporting these putting the vars in a separate bundle.