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CM2.x atmosphere land extremes variable list by table

[NOAA bullet] Table A4: Extremes indices data (longitude, latitude, time:annual)

To learn about the directory structure used in storing CM2.0 data on this server, see the FAQ How are the CM2.0 model output files arranged in directories on the GFDL Data Portal?.
The variables and output variable names listed in this table are consistent with those of the IPCC/PCMDI archive as outlined in their document titled IPCC Standard Output from Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere GCMs

CF standard_name output variable name GFDL's CM2 variable name(s) Notes
Location on GFDL Data Portal
relative to
1 Frost Days fd Calculated from t_ref_min  
2 Extreme temperature Range etr Calculated from t_ref_min and t_ref_max  
3 Growing Season Length gsl Calculated from t_ref_min and t_ref_max  
4 Heat wave duration index hwdi Calculated from t_ref_max and the daily
t_ref_max normal from 1961-1990
5 T min > 90th percentile tn90 Calculated from t_ref_min and the monthly
90th percentile of t_ref_min from 1961-1990
Not yet available
6 Days with precip > 10 mm/d r10 Calculated from precip  
7 Consecutive dry days cdd Calculated from precip  
8 Maximum 5 day precip total r5d Caluclated from precip  
9 Simple daily intensity index sdii Calculated from precip  
10 % of annual precip from large events r95t Calculated from precip and the overall
95th percentile of precip from 1961-1990

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last modified: June 24 2019.