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[NOAA bullet] Why does the PCMDI/IPCC archive contain all the CM2.X atmospheric and land model output, but so few ocean and sea ice files?  

Largely due to grid considerations, we at GFDL have not been able to arrive at a set of ocean and sea ice model output files that meet both the IPCC/PCMDI requirements and our own internal quality control (QC) standards for data product accuracy and utility.

The ocean and sea ice variables requested for the IPCC AR4 analyses are available for download from this GFDL Data Portal, albeit on the model's native tripolar grid, and not the interpolated regular grid stipulated by the IPCC.

Note: South of 65N, the ocean and sea ice model horizontal grids are regular rectangular grids and therefore the CM2.X ocean and sea ice output files should pose no problem or complications for analysis programs as long as one's analysis does not include the Arctic. The non-regular nature of the tripolar grid only occurs at locations north of 65N, and only applies to the ocean and sea ice model components, not the atmosphere or land surface.

For additional information, including guidance and tips on how to deal with ocean and sea ice variables north of 65N, please refer to the CM2.X model ocean and sea ice grids information web page.

Questions related to the GFDL CM2.x models may be directed to…

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last modified: June 24 2019.